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The Hawks Touring Party

Back Row L-R: C.Pring, G.Ford, A.Booth, W.Holdsworth, N.Ryle, J.Myers, D.Burton, R.Mayo, N.Quaiff, N.Thornton
Front Row L-R: M.Peel, D.Lester, M.Cressey, C.Parker, R.Burton (capt), T.Appleton, C.Clayton, R.Kirk, E.Parker


2.00pm Meet at Otley RUFC transfer by bus to Manchester (lateness will be fined)
6.10pm Depart for Tallinn
11 .10pm Arrive Tallinn and transfer to VANA WIRU HOTEL
12.00pm Hawks at leisure in Tallinn


9.00am Hawks still at leisure in Tallinn
4.00pm Meet at VANA WIRU HOTEL for
announcement of 2nd XI (lateness will be fined)
5.00pm Bus transfer to ‘The Hippodrome’
5.30pm Champagne reception at ground with dignitaries
6.00pm 20/20 match: HAWKS v EMERGING ESTONIA
9.00pm Dinner at ‘Pepper sack’ Restaurant. Announcement of 1st XI.
11.00pm Hawks at leisure in Tallinn


Insets: J.Leadbeater, S.Hindley, A.Moffat


8.30am Breakfast meeting (lateness will be fined)
9.30am Bus transfer to ‘The Hippodrome’
10.30am 40 over match: HAWKS v ESTONIA
4.00pm Repair to Molly Malone’s pub, Tallinn. ENGLAND v PARAGUAY
7.00pm Dinner at ‘Maikrahv’. Presentations, speeches etc
9.00pm Hawks at leisure in Tallinn


9.00am Hawks at leisure in Tallinn (final shopping for sweet hearts back home)
2.30pm Meet at VANA WIRU HOTEL lobby ‘packed’
3.00pm Transfer to airport by bus
5.25pm Depart for Manchester
7.00pm Transfer by bus to Otley RUFC
9.00pm Hawks at leisure in Otley
11 .55pm Tour ends

The ECA, Estonian Cricket Association, is hosting an International Cricket Match in Tallinn this Friday and Saturday against The Hawks CC from Yorkshire. There is an evening reception with local government and representatives from the UK Embassy.

Why Estonia for the tour?

This is a pioneering trip for the Hawks as it is an International tour. Estonia are 1. very keen to welcome high quality touring teams, 2, to develop their own country's cricket, and 3, develop other "sporting links" with the UK. The President of the ECA told us that we are the first team from Yorkshire so we are taking plenty of Hawks shirts, caps and ties to leave with our hosts...just so they always remember us! We have a long history of touring, being a nomadic club. We are always looking to develop our touring tradition. We are going as self appointed cricket ambassadors. "Cricket will be the winner." Government representatives including the British Ambassador to Estonia are showing up for the champagne reception on the Friday were looking forward to that.

Who is playing?

Estonia...Estonia's International side is made up of some ex pats and a number of very keen Estonians so we are expecting a high quality and very competitive game...we play to win and believe it'll be both competitive and great fun...we are touring after all! If these guys are keen enough to play on ice in the winter, we want to meet these people! Estonia have a big ice cricket tradition! Hawks team...we have 2 sides, one for the 20/20 game on the Friday and one for the International game on the Saturday. There are 22 of us.

Any future tours?

Rumours of an invitation to play at The Royal Hong Kong Cricket Club and we shall see if we can make that happen.

Sponsors/General stuff

We have various local sponsors and we found the people to weave this special limited edition Hawks cloth for our blazers just one mile from home at Marton Mills in Pool in Wharfedale, Yorkshire

The schedule still allows us to watch the opening England v Paraguay world cup match on the Saturday...we're not missing the World Cup! It'll be a great cricket tour. The Hawks play every weekend during the season.


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